Measuring Tips

1. Use a steel tape measure for best accuracy.
2. Round each measurement to the nearest 1/8”.
3. Always record width (left to right) first, and then height (top to bottom).

Recess fits inside the window casing. Exact mount hangs above the window or on the wall surrounding the window. We recommend Recess fitting whenever possible.

Measure your Window (Recess fitting)

Mounting Depth
Now that you’ve selected your blind or shade, you have to make sure the window frame is deep enough to fit your product.
• Measure the depth of the frame from the wall to the window glass.
• If the window frame is too shallow to accommodate your product, select an Outside Mount

• Start your measurement at the depth where you plan to mount your window treatment.
• Measure the exact window opening at the top only (A).
• Round to the nearest 1/8”.


• Start your measurement at the depth where you plan to mount your window treatment.
• Measure the exact window opening at three places: left, right and center (B、C、D).
• Record the tallest height.

Please note:
Light Gaps: Inside mounted roller shades will have an approximate 1” vertical light gap between the edge of the fabric and the window casing on the side with the cord loop, and a ½” light gap on the
other side. This is because the fabric must be cut narrower than the operating mechanism at the top.
If this is not acceptable, consider:
• Adding drapery panels to cover the light gaps
• Choosing an outside mounted roller shade with at least 2 ½” overlap on each side
• Selecting a different product, such as Honeycomb Shades, which have smaller light gaps of up to ¼” on each side
Squareness: Don’t be surprised if your windows aren’t symmetrical – many aren’t. However, If your 3 width or height measurements vary by more than ½”, the product may not operate properly, and the light gaps may be greater than expected. Consider an Outside Mount in this case.

Measure your Window (Exact fitting)

Since exact fitting covers more than just the window frame, there are a few additions you will need to make to your measurements. We will make the product to the exact dimensions that you specify.

• Measure the width of the window opening.
• Add an overlap of 3” on each side of the window (6” total) to allow for more privacy and light blockage.

• Measure the height of the window opening.
• For the top: add a minimum of 2 1/2" in height to your measurements for the mounting brackets.
• For the bottom: measure to the window sill.

Please note:
Molding or Trim: We recommend mounting your window treatment above the molding. If you do plan to mount on the molding or trim, be sure the surface you’re mounting on is flat.
If you have no window sill and would like to cover the trim evenly on the bottom, add an equal amount of overlap to the bottom measurement as you do for the top.