Mums: No alarm needed.

how to help baby sleep in daytime uk mum

Your days will start at the earliest sunrises:



4:49*I'm up, I'm up!!*

baby on bed crying in bright summer sun

And end at the latest sunsets:


9:21: *WAAAAAH*

9:22: *Bedtime!*

And the longest days start in June. Next month. Maybe the longest days of your life. Unless your nursery is prepared.

What can I do?

Black out the sun. Stop its rays cold!  Tell the Sun, NO, Murdoch, NO! (Wait.. getting distracted here.)

I can't stop the sun?

2 words: Blackout Curtains.

3 layers: Color, Thick Black Yarn, Color.

help baby sleep with blackout nursery curtains in daytime stops sun stops glare

Resist light pinks & baby blues. Get dark purples, charcoal greys. The blacker, the better.

kids silver star blackout curtains

So baby (and you!) wake up later. And sleep earlier. Even on the Summer Solstice.

Kids Silver Stars Grommet Blackout Curtains

"They are brilliant at blocking out light. I'm so glad I ordered them, they really are lovely."

Messi Real Review of Blackout Curtains

Kids Silver Stars Grommet Blackout Curtains

"I bought these because opposite us someone has a really bright light shining straight through our baby’s window. These block it straight out so my little one sleeps great!"

"Lovely curtains and definitely block out the light. Very speedy delivery - thank you."


Ace curtains looks cool in my boys new nursery 👍

 kids silver star blackout curtains

May 21, 2021 — Kyle H