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Super Soft Crushed Velvet Cushion Covers for Living Room (2 Pack)
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Purple GrapeHaze BlueMint GreenNavy BlueOrangeRoyal BlueGrass GreenLight KhakiTealWhiteWine Red+ 7 more
Deconovo Velvet Cushion Covers Protector | Invisible Zipper, 2pc
From £6.99 £11.99 Sale
Dark ForestBright RedDark GreyGreyKhakiSilver GreyLavenderChocolate BrownGold YellowLemon YellowBlack+ 7 more
Deconovo Super Soft Crushed Velvet Sofa Cushion Covers|Ready Made UK -2 pieces
From £6.99 £11.99 Sale
Purple GrapeRoyal BlueTealKhakiNavy BlueMint GreenOrangeSage GreenHaze BlueWhiteWine Red+ 7 more
Corduroy Stripe Pattern Polyester Cushion Covers 2 Pieces
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BeigeBlackBrownGrass GreenDark GreenDark GreyGold YellowLemon YellowLight GreyPastel GreenPapaya Orange+ 7 more
Crushed Velvet Cushion Covers Edging. Flanges (Two Pieces)
From £7.99 £12.99 Sale
Dark GreenNavy BlueLavenderCoral PinkBright RedBlackLemon YellowGold YellowLight GreySilver GreyLight Khaki+ 7 more
Pom Pom Decorative Crushed Velvet Cushion Covers 2 Pieces
From £12.99 £17.99 Sale
WhitePale PinkBlackBright RedDark ForestLight GreyLight KhakiLemon YellowSilver GreyHaze BlueBrownTurquoiseWine Red+ 9 more
Velvet Stretchy Chair Covers
From £13.99 £22.99 Sale
KhakiChocolate BrownDark BlueDark GreyGreyNavy BlueRedTurquoiseWhite+ 5 more
Dotted Jacquard Spandex Stretch Sofa Cover
From £32.99 £52.99 Sale
RedCreamBlackKhakiChocolate BrownGreyMint GreenSilver GreyDeep BlueBright RedTurquoiseWhite+ 8 more

Cushion & Sofa Covers FAQs

Ready Made Throw Pillow, Sofa & Couch Covers

Because of limited stock we've also placed our various ready made Chair & Sofa covers inside this category. For table covers, check our seperate Deconovo tablecloths page.

What is a throw cushion cover?

Throw cushion covers are removable covers for cushions used to accessorize homes and offices. They come in all kinds of materials, including silk, satin, linen, lace, velvet, corduroy, cotton and upholstery. They may be patterned, floral or single-colour. Some are embellished with mirrors, embroidery, frills or applique. There are infinite ways to craft cushion covers, making them suitable for all types of interiors. Use throw pillows in bedrooms, playrooms, dens or anywhere you want to add comfort, colour, pattern or texture to a room. It is easy to refresh the look of a room by changing pillow covers. Try festive covers for holidays, bright colours for summer or warm colours for autumn and winter.

Sometimes refered to as throw pillow covers, pillow cases, cushion covers, sofa cushion covers, etc.

How are cushion covers measured

Ready made cushion covers come in many shapes, including oval, rectangular, triangular and whimsical forms. Standard sizes of square throw cushions are 18 by 18 inches and 20 by 20 inches. Some are as large as 24 by 24 inches. Lumbar cushions are usually 12 by 18 inches. Dimensions can vary several inches depending on the manufacturer. Cushion size is measured along the width and length of the seams as it lies flat. If measurements are not whole numbers, round up to the nearest whole number. For example, a 19.5-by-19.5-inch cushion would be rounded up to 20 by 20 inches. After stuffing, measurements change. A 20-by-20-inch cushion may measure 18 by 16 inches after stuffing. If you cannot remove the cover to measure a stuffed cushion, pull the seams as tightly as possible to measure length and width. Round up to the nearest whole number.

How to wash cushion covers?

Cushion covers should be laundered according to the manufacturer's directions. If you make them, ask for laundering instructions when you buy the material. Most materials can be washed. However, a few, such as linen, some silks and wool, may shrink when washed. To wash, hand-wash or use the gentle cycle on a washing machine. Use cool water. If the cover has decorations, turn inside out to wash. After washing, reshape the cover. Cotton, polyester and some silks can be tumble dried using air or low heat. Most cushion covers can be line-dried. However, those that easily lose their shape should be dried flat.

How to make throw cushion covers?

Ready made cushion covers are easy to make. Determine the size of the finished cover. Add 1 inch to each measurement to allow for seams. For a 16-by-16-inch cover, fabric should be 17 by 17 inches. If you want to prevent raveling, fold each edge over ¼-inch on the wrong side of the fabric. Press with an iron. Fold over ¼-inch again and stitch down. This step is optional. Now stitch the seams. Leave an opening along one side to insert the pillow. There are several ways to finish openings, including adding a zipper or Velcro for easy removal of the cushion. Some people prefer to hand-stitch the opening. Here is a tutorial to get you started.

Best place to buy cushion covers?

Ready made throw cushion covers are available from many sources, including retail shops, specialty shops, craft fairs and online retailers. Deconovo offers decorative cushion covers in several sizes and types of fabric. In addition, our online partners sell our products. If you have questions about our products, feel free to contact us.