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Thermal Insulated Silver Eyelet Ready Made Blackout Curtains | Deconovo UK Ring Top 1 Energy Saving Panel
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Striped Stay Cool Grommet Blackout Thermal Curtains | Ready Made Deconovo UK 2 Panels
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Black-Silver LineNavy Blue-Silver LineLight Grey-Silver LineLight Beige-Silver LineLavender Pink-Silver LineMellow Yellow-Silver LineKhaki-Silver LineGreyish White-Silver LineSky Blue-Silver Line+ 5 more
Gold Line Printed Eyelet Blackout Thermal Curtains | Ready Made Deconovo UK 2 Panels
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Ready Made Eyelet Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtains | 2 Panels
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Pencil Pleat Rod Pocket Thermal Blackout Curtains | Ready Made Deconovo UK 2 Panels
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Diamond Kids Bedroom Blackout Thermal Eyelet Curtains | 2 Panels | Ready Made Deconovo UK
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This winter, try thermal drapes.  The shading technology that eliminates up to 90% of light, and keeps height from escaping your residence. 

Whether you are talking about insulating the walls of your home or insulating your curtains, insulation is measured using what is called the R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation quality of the material. R-values typically range from 0 (open air) to attic insulation (which has an R-value of up to 60).

Windows also have an R-value. Single pane windows have an R-value of 1, while Energy Star rated windows typically have an R-value of 3. Properly installed, insulated shades can increase the R-value of a window to as high as 6.

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