Our Renewed Purpose

From Sales to Sustainability

Our Success Story

In the diverse world of home decor, Deconovo's distinctive touch quickly found its way into homes worldwide. The trust placed in our brand turned thousands of sales into millions. We became more than a brand; Deconovo became synonymous with quality and style in countless households.

A Transformative Pause

Yet, even as the applause grew louder, we took a moment of introspection. Our meteoric rise in sales presented an opportunity: a chance to channel our success into a purpose far deeper than profit. The clarion call from the world outside our cozy interiors couldn't be ignored any longer. The question became evident: could we leverage our success not only to beautify homes but to benefit our planet?

In response, every corner of Deconovo underwent a transformation, placing sustainability at its very heart. Our materials, craftsmanship, and designs were all reinvented with a greener, more eco-conscious approach. Sales became more than a metric of success; they became a testament to our commitment.

Each product, each design is now a bold statement

In business to save our Earth through sustainable home decor.

Beyond Sales: A Pledge for the Earth

Choosing Deconovo now means aligning with more than just a brand. It's a commitment to a planet-friendly ethos as much as it is to elegance and style. Our trusted community, our loyal customers, have fueled our shift - from being driven by sales to being dedicated to sustainability.

Our Mission, Reimagined

While Deconovo's presence in the realm of home decor is unwavering, our focus has evolved. Beyond just aesthetics, we aim to shape a future where every decor choice is also a pledge for the planet. Every product, every sale, underpins our unwavering commitment: In business to save our Earth through sustainable home decor.

Join us in this renewed journey

A path where the resonance of past achievements beautifully merges with the aspirations of a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Because at Deconovo, our business isn't just decor; it's a dedication to the planet we all call home.