Today's contemporary architecture capitalizes on the clean, industrial look of glass, using it for expanses of windows, doors, walls and room dividers. If your home or office has sliding glass doors, a wall of windows or French doors, choosing window dressings can be challenging.

Sliding glass doors let in light and fresh air as well as give a sense of connection between indoors and out. Although you want to maximize fresh air and light, you may also need to modulate glare, heat and privacy. In addition, curtains should not affect access through the door or block an attractive view.

Deconovo's extensive selection of curtains for doors and large windows includes blackout and thermal curtains, sheers and patterned draperies that complement a wide range of decorative schemes. Pair sheers and blackout curtains for a layered look that modulates light and heat throughout the day. Bold patterns and textured drapes add depth, character, color and drama to the décor. Semi-sheers combine the transparency of sheers for a light, airy look while enhancing privacy.

Here are a few things to consider that will help you get the best curtains for sliding doors for your home.

How To Select Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Several factors will influence the type and style of curtain that you choose. If the sliding glass door faces a private garden or patio, you may not need much privacy protection. If privacy is not an issue and the door opens onto an attractive landscape, you may want decorative curtains that remain pulled to the side.

Alternatively, if the window faces a public thoroughfare or high-traffic area, you may want to ensure privacy from curious passersby. In most situations, sheers work well for daytime privacy. However, when lights are on inside after dark, sheers allow a clear view into the room. Adding a layer of heavier curtains provides privacy at night.

What is the style and size of the window? Clearances on older sliding doors are often lower than today's glass doors and windows that may be two stories high. To give a sense of height for shorter sliding doors, hang the rod close to the ceiling.

Also, consider how much of the glass you would like to cover. If the glass door panels are topped by a transom, fanlight or a second story of windows, covering only the lower panels accentuates the beauty of the architectural elements while modulating heat, sunlight and privacy.

The color, fabric, weight and style of a curtain not only provide privacy and modulate glare. Curtains for sliding glass doors also contribute to the atmosphere of a room. Bold prints add zing. Solid colors can complement the room's decorative palette. Curtains can be the focal point or be used as accessories. For busy areas, easy-care fabrics, including washable cottons, linen-look synthetics or polyester, work well. As you refine your choices, consider whether you want a blackout curtain, room-darkening curtain or simply a decorative window treatment.

Header style is important. Rod pocket, back tab and tab-top curtains do not slide easily, an important factor if curtains are opened and closed often. Instead, use headers such as grommets or pleated styles that can be mounted on a traverse rod for easy opening. Here are a few suggestions for curtains for sliding glass doors.

Deconovo Room Divider Curtains

Room Divider Top Curtain

This large-panel curtain works well with sliding glass doors and large windows. The extra-wide panels come in widths of 100, 120 and 180 inches, allowing you to select a width that complements your window or door. Lengths range from 84 to 108 inches, standard measurements that fit most windows. You can opt to raise the rod on shorter doors to give the illusion of height, install floor-length curtains or create a puddling effect for elegance. The grommet header makes opening and closing the curtains easy.

The soft, flexible polyester fabric is made of three layers. The front and back are the same color. The inner layer is made of high-density black yarn that keeps light from passing through. Choose from 10 attractive colors, including vivid blues and reds, black and neutral greys and beige. Dark colors will block all light. Lighter colors are room-darkening. This product also works as a noise-dampening and thermal curtain.

Deconovo White Sheer Valances

Solid Color White Sheer Curtain Valance

Valances used with curtains create a polished, finished look. They can also be used as a primary window treatment, creating a soft, minimalist effect that accentuates the beauty of the window. Use your imagination to creatively drape this sheer curtain valance around your door or window. Combine several to create a full, scalloped effect across the top.

For a simple but elegant look, let the curtain drop sensuously to the floor from the rod. Extending the rod several inches past the door frame keeps the curtain out of the way of traffic. The ample length of 216 inches provides many draping options that will add beauty and elegance to your window. Made of polyester, this voile fabric is machine-washable.

Deconovo Lustrous Foil-Printed Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains with Printed Circles Pattern Grommets

The bold, circular print gives a modern look to these blackout curtains. The greyish-white color complements any decorative scheme. For drama and depth, try deep red. This fabric has a soft hand, falling gracefully from the rod to the floor. The silver-colored grommet header echoes the circular foil motif. Lighter colors allow a glow of light to pass through. Dark colors completely block light.

Choosing the right curtain for sliding glass doors is easy once you evaluate your needs. Whether you want a contemporary look, a soft, romantic look or a durable curtain that wears well in high-traffic areas, Deconovo's curtain selections offer a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Best of all, our window treatments are attractive, easy to care for and affordable.

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June 01, 2021 — Jun Yang