How to Pick the Best White Blackout Curtains

Look at the print, texture and size. These three factors work together to create the best white blackout curtains for your space.

Start with print. Just because the curtain is white does not mean that it has to be plain. Some people may prefer a solid white curtain, and that is perfectly acceptable for a streamlined, classic look. However, there are also white curtains with some variety. There may be a subtle print or a bold pattern. This allows you to further personalize the ambiance of your room.

Interior design exists in all dimensions. It should do more than look good. It has to feel good. Different fabrics come with different textures. Something smooth or silky can be very sleek. However, you can also opt for something with a bit of coarseness. This can create a more dynamic or homey feel. 

Finally, size matters. You will want to measure the size the curtains to fit your windows. Keep in mind that you can have some fun with the size. If you make the curtain longer, you can drape it from floor to ceiling. It is also worth noting that some curtains hang differently. Look for the overall shape of the curtain to create a dynamic look.

Your Best Options for White Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains may use thick fibers that block light out, but the fabric itself can look light and airy. In fact, there are even exquisite white blackout curtains that give you the functionality you need and the aesthetic you crave. Here are the best white blackout curtains in 2022.

Gold Wave Pattern Blackout Curtains

These curtains are both sophisticated and subtle. The white backdrop is clean and crisp, but the nuanced wave pattern is done with an elegant gold foil detailing. This creates an understated look that is sleek and modern. As an added benefit, the curtains are thermal and insulated, and they can be hung with grommets. 

Silver Wave Striped Pattern Blackout Curtains

 These curtains are similar in look and feel to the previous offering, but these curtains feature a more dramatic wave pattern that runs vertically on the fabric. Enjoy the best blackout features with thermal properties, and use these curtains to complete a sophisticated and modern space. These are curtains that will provide real movement to create a natural, flowing look for your home decor. 

Silver Diamond Pattern Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains offer a bit more drama with an intricate diamond pattern that runs up and down the length of the panels. The pattern stands out with a delicate silver color, and these curtains also feature thermal properties to enhance the overall look and feel of the space. Overall, these curtains offer a unique look that is perfect with both modern and retro styles. 

Solid Color Blackout Curtains

 Crafted from polyester, these white blackout curtains are simple and versatile. The solid white panels can be used to accent any number of design styles, and the use of grommets allows these panels to hang in a simple and elegant fashion. With thermal insulation, these curtains can even be used to help you save energy on your monthly bills.

Solid Color Room Darkening Curtains

 As a final option, you can check out these solid color curtain alternatives. This set of solid color curtains is also made with polyester, and the long, graceful form will look perfect in a living room or bedroom. Of particular note, these curtains feature dynamic thermal properties that block out light and help retain temperature control.

Choosing Your White Blackout Curtains Today

Blackout curtains do not have to be dark and dreary. In fact, as these options demonstrate, blackout curtains can be bright and light. When you choose white blackout curtains, you are getting the power of room darkening technology without compromising on your interior design sensibilities. For the best results, you need to find a brand you trust for quality and look.

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