Hanging curtains from the ceiling or as close to the ceiling as possible adds visual interest, makes ceilings appear higher and offers the option of using curtains as room dividers. You can achieve this look in any room with a few simple steps. 

grey patterned curtains hanging from the ceiling in a beautiful living room

Decide on Placement

Choose whether you wish to hang curtain rods directly from the ceiling or near the tops of the walls above the windows. Either method will create a brighter, more spacious look, but installing the rod in the ceiling offers greater versatility in function.

Start with Measurements 

Measure the window or the area of the ceiling where you want to mount the brackets. If you’re creating a room divider, consider the width of the curtains and the amount of space you’ll need for them to fold when pushed open. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor to determine curtain length.

Mark the spots where the brackets for the rod will go, taking care to space them evenly for better support. Heavy curtain fabric may require additional brackets. When installing the rod above a window, remember to leave enough space for easy installation and to accommodate the headings of the curtains.

Level or Straighten

Grab a helper to hold the other end of a curtain rod you’re placing near the ceiling so that you can check marks for evenness. Use a carpenter’s level to test rod placement, and adjust the marks for the brackets if necessary. For a ceiling-mounted rod, double-check your measurements to ensure the rod will run in a straight line.

Install Rod Brackets

Locate the studs in the ceiling or the wall closest to the marks you made when measuring. Installing brackets into the studs provides the strongest anchor and is the best idea when mounting rods for heavy curtains and preventing the hardware from being pulled down by curious kids or rambunctious pets. Drywall anchors may provide enough support for lighter curtains hung on the wall at ceiling height.

Before hanging brackets, drill pilot holes straight into the studs or insert drywall anchors. Install the brackets, and check for stability. Adjust the screws as necessary for a tight fit.

Pencil Pleat & Curtain Track Guide


Remember to keep the string length & tuck it away, don't simply cut it off! Many people make this simple mistake with pencil pleat curtains, curtain tracks and their string!

Choose and Hang Curtains

Use the length and width measurements you took to pick out curtains in the appropriate size. Consider function and style when choosing fabrics, colors and heading designs. To install, slip the curtains onto the rod, and hang the rod from the brackets. You may need to tighten the screws again if the curtain fabric causes the brackets to pull or sag.

Slide the curtains back and forth along the rod to test the installation. Once you’re satisfied everything is stable, adjust the curtains to achieve the desired look.

Try this DIY project to transform a low-ceilinged room, divide a large area into multiple living spaces or add flair to plain windows. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to update the style of a room and change the look of your home.


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October 13, 2020 — Kyle H