Throw Pillow Covers

Pillows and upholstery cushions add decorative detail to any space, from bedroom to formal living room to den. Use them as attractive accessories to highlight the colors and patterns in a room or to complement other elements, such as artwork, drapery or carpets. The textures of fabrics, such as corduroyfaux linen and chenille, add depth and elegance to your décor. Colors set a mood. Neutrals, such as creams and off-whites, are soothing. In contrast, rich hues of reds, blues and greens brighten. If you like patterns, classic tartan plaids or country-style checks complement classic interior schemes.

How to Match Throw Pillow Covers with Your Home Décor

Deconovo offers a range of cheap decorative throw pillow covers that can enhance your interiors. Most styles come in a range of colors that let you select shades that work with the colors of your room. Several sizes are available as well. Have fun experimenting with arrangements of color, shape and textures to create a focal point, build layers of comfortable pillows on a daybed or swing or enhance a decorative style. Here are a few tips on how to match pillow covers with your home décor.

Throw Pillow Placement and Number

Decorators recommend using odd numbers in groupings for an artful look. Three to five throw pillows arranged on a standard-sized sofa add detail but not too much clutter. The number of pillows also helps define a decorative style. Try three or five pillows in large geometric patterns for a modern style. Feather them across the back of the sofa for an ordered, clean look. For a more traditional look, place two throw pillows on either end of a sofa. This grouping gives a sense of symmetry. To enhance an eclectic style, group two pillows on one end, and place one at the other end. This suggests the pillows are casually placed rather than purposely arranged.

How to Match Throw Pillow Covers with Your Home Décor

Size and Scale

Standard throw pillow covers measure 18 by 18 inches. To add interest, mix up the shapes and sizes of cushions. Large-sized throw cushions are better able to display the bold prints and patterns used in modern and industrial styles. A mix of square and round throw pillows work well with traditional décor. To pull an eclectic look together, use a few large cushions rather than a slew of smaller ones.

Three Colors and Three Patterns

Select three colors that work in your room. Some designers pick three shades of the same color. Others select the predominant color in a room as the primary color and choose two others that play off shades in accessories or artwork. Mixing patterns also works well. The trick is to mix patterns using the same color family. A floral, check and solid look good if color ties them together. Vary the scale of each pattern using the rule of three as well. Balance bold chevrons with a small dotted swiss pattern and a textured solid.

If your interior feels boring, simply change the pillow covers for a refreshing, new look. Choose a new color, experiment with texture, and mix up patterns for drama and interest. Just a few touches of well-chosen color can give a new look to any room.

July 29, 2020 — Kyle H